12V Outlets Issue

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Feb 21, 2015

The front and rear 12V outlets have apparently stopped working, so I suspect a fuse has blown. Does anybody know which fuse this would be?

We needed to use the air pump (slow leaking tire plug, that needs to be replaced with a mushroom plug) and it simply does not work, plugged into either the front or the rear outlet. I also tried the pump from our Leaf, and it doesn't work, either.

I will probably just take it to the dealer, but I would like to know which fuse it is, for future reference. If I can replace it, then I could have the tire plugged by my local mechanic.
There is a fuse on the inside of the Air pump. I bought a bump from Walmart years ago, had to replace the fuse in it... somewhere there is an opening.
I hope that is what you are referring to ... or do you mean the 12v fuse in the car ?
The fuse in the car that runs the front and back 12v power outlets in the one that is blowing. It is a 20A in the inside fuse box that is behind the storage pocket on the left part of the dashboard. The dealer installed the replacement so that the car does not have to be turned on for it to work.