Locking car during charge trips circuit breaker

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Jun 4, 2015
I'm a couple of weeks into my eGolf and loving it, except that I've been having trouble with the charger: I have a dedicated 50amp circuit in my garage, with a plug-in EVoCharge 30amp Level 2 charger. If I park, lock the car, and then start charging, no problems. But if I start the charge and then lock, the 50amp circuit breaker trips as soon as I hit the lock button.

Clearly not a problem in that it's easy enough to do the other way round, but has anyone else noticed a surge in the power draw upon locking? (And is it worth further $$$ to get a higher-power circuit installed?)
That's odd. I'm on a 40A breaker on a hardwired EVSE and have never had it trip when locking/unlocking while charging.
Although you have a way to charge, you should try to take the car to the dealer to have them take a look. Could be an actual hidden problem(either in the car/evse/your circuit).
This sounds pretty unusual. I also have a 40A breaker on a 30A charger and have never had any issues with tripping. By chance, does your circuit breaker have an RCD/GFCI test button on it?