Part Number for 2019 eGolf SE Passenger Side Mirror w/DA Package?

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Jun 29, 2019
Does anyone know if the 2019 eGolf SE w/Driver's Assistance Package uses the same part number as previous years or other models of the Golf? I need to replace the passenger side mirror cause my wife hit a trash can but I'm having trouble find the part online. Any help is appreciated!
What exactly is broken? Is it just the mirror glass, the painted cover, or has the whole thing sheared off? I ask because the glass or the painted cover can be purchased separately from the entire assembly.

To answer your question, yes the DAP mirror assemblies are different from the far more common assemblies on nearly every US MK7 Golf that have just heat because there are 2 additional wires for the Blind Spot Monitoring (BSM) lights. If the glass and painted cover are in good shape, you could theoretically purchase a non-DAP mirror assembly and transplant your original wires and mirror glass to the new assembly, but I hear it's a pain to pull those 2 wires through. This is based on individuals who have replaced their mirrors with power folding versions and wanted to retain BSM.

The part # for the power folding assembly with DAP is: 5G1857508DE9B9

I don't know the part # for the non-power folding version is.
Hey, thanks for the reply! Basically everything is broken, the cover has a snapped corner, the housing is split open and cracked, and the glass is shattered. I called a couple dealerships and based off my VIN they gave me these P/Ns but they don't seem correct because some sites specifically say these parts do NOT have DAP.

P/Ns from dealers (seem like non-DAP numbers):
Glass Mirror: 5G0-857-522-C
Mirror Assembly: 5G1-857-508-FL-9B9
Mirror Cover: 5G0-857-538-EGR-U

What I ended up ordering (these were pulled from a 2018 VW eGolf parts catalogue vs my 2019):
5G0-857-522-Q Mirror Glass $90.06 1 $90.06
5G1-857-508-FD-9B9 Mirror Assembly $172.52 1 $172.52
5G0-857-538-E-GRU Mirror Cover $83.55 1 $83.55
N-911-951-01 Mirror Assembly Screw $0.93 1 $0.93