Car Net is a sad app...

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Sep 11, 2015
I am shocked at how poor the Car Net app is. What where VW thinking it is so bad it truly is the Achilles heal of the eGolf. Backwards programming regarding delayed charging, massive delays in connectivity, and when it dose work it only has limited control. Also wish the image of the charging battry and the cars instrument cluster had the % charged as well as the estimated miles available...

It's not that difficult VW my Fiat has a great app that actually works
Yeah, it's a major weak point but it will likely get better. I haven't tried it yet but I hear a 12v battery disconnect will reset the car net connection into a better operating state.
PMC2015 said:
Yeah, it's a major weak point but it will likely get better.
That's what I thought when I got the car in June. But it has actually gotten worse. They spent a bunch of time pushing pixels around instead of improving the actual function of the app and service. To me it's clear that whoever architected/implemented the system is not very good. Will VW realize this and contract someone else to fix it? Fingers crossed, but my expectations are low.